Our Main Priority is Giving each Child a Positive Dental Start.


Dr. Yedigarian and his team are passionate about children and our main priority is giving each child a positive dental start. Children are individuals who deserve compassion, understanding and patience. The first introduction of a child to the dental office can affect the way they view dentists for the rest of their lives. That is why we like to use a simple method of showing and telling them what we are going to do and then doing it in a very gentle manner.

For those children who are nervous, we will have the parent assist us. This helps ease them into becoming comfortable in the new environment and provides the child with a positive experience. We do not believe in forcing anything, as comfort in a dental environment can only happen if a child understands and trusts.

We recommend all children see the dentist shortly after their first birthday. In addition to checking the teeth, this first visit also examines the growth of the jaw, condition of the tongue, palate, tonsils/throat, floor of the mouth, TMJ and the lymph nodes of the head and neck.

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