Our Dental Assistants may be the Most Important People at our Clinic.


They are the oral health professionals who focus primarily on preventative dentistry.

The dental assistant assesses your oral tissues and overall health looking for possible disease or other abnormalities. They then perform procedures that assist in maintaining or improving your oral health including removal of plaque, calculus and stains on your teeth.

In addition your hygienist can take X-rays, apply cavity-preventing agents such as fluorides and sealants and administer local anesthetics or nitrous oxide.

In some cases the dental assistant will place filling materials, temporary fillings, and periodontal dressings; remove sutures; perform root-planing as a periodontal therapy; and polish restorations.

Your dental assistant will also provide valuable education on proper oral hygiene and preventative care you can perform at home.

By following regular visits for hygiene you can save time and money down the road by preventing more serous dental problems.

We also use technology like the DIAGONOdent Laser to ensure any cavities are caught as soon as possible. This keeps us from having to drill deep into teeth and maintains tooth strength.

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