Light and easy, Laser Dentistry. 

As technology advances lasers have become more and more important in both the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems. We have acquired 2 types of lasers to use in our office.

DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection

In order to maintain healthy teeth, early cavity detection is important. Once a cavity has reached the size that is visible to the human eye or on x-rays, it has already grown large enough that more agressive treatment may be needed for repair. The DIAGONOdent Laser allows us to detect cavities that would otherwise go undetected with visual and x-rays alone.

Early detection allows us to employ other technologies like Microabrasion to repair and protect the tooth from further damage.

ODYSSEY Diode Soft Tissue Laser

The other place lasers are assisting in the maintenance of oral health is in treating soft tissue problems such as:

  • treatment of gingivits and periodontitis/periodontal disease
  • assists in healing of split lips (from dryness)
  • canker and cold sores
  • denture sores
  • oral lesions/pain due to radiation or chemotherapy
  • lichen planus
  • tongue tie/frenum attachment(s)/frenectomy
  • gum tissue contouring and smile contouring
  • tooth exposure prior to orthodotics
  • removal of excess gum tissue around wisdom teeth
  • dental implant exposure
  • biopsy of oral tissue/removal of oral lesions
  • amalgam tattoo removal
  • pigmentation removal
  • sterilization of pocket after removal of a tooth
  • draining dental abscesses

To learn more about how laser dentistry can help you maintain your oral health, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Yedigarian today. 703-832-0989