No Drills, No Injections, No Numbness, and No Droopy Lips!

Dr. Yedigarian Microabrasions

Welcome to the world of Microabrasion

When we catch decay in the early stages, in most cases we can avoid the drill and use Microabrasion to remove the decay from the tooth. Microabrasion works like a mini sand blaster to quickly and painlessly remove the decayed material without creating the heat, friction, vibration and noise that is created by a conventional drill.

The pain that occurs when using a traditional drill is most often caused by the heat that is generated. With microabrasion there is no heat and therefore no pain. No pain means there is no need to use anesthetics to numb the area before removing the decay, and of course this means NO NEEDLES!

Another advantage of microabrasion is that your tooth is not subject to the trauma that may be caused by a high speed drill. These drills can actually cause tiny micro-fractures in the enamel leaving your tooth much more susceptible to fracture at a later date.

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