One Day Crowns and Restorations with CEREC 3D CAD/CAM Dentistry


Traditionally when a patient needs a crown or filling/inlay the tooth is prepared, impressions are taken and a temporary crown or filling is placed on the tooth. The impressions are sent to the lab where the new crown or filling/inlay is created. This typically takes about 2 weeks and requires a second visit to the office to bond the new material to the tooth.

With CEREC the process is completely different. Once the tooth is prepared, the area is scanned with a laser “wand” to reproduce a 3D digital image of the prepared tooth, the adjacent teeth, and the teeth on the biting surface opposite the area where the new crown/restoration will be placed.

The dentist can then design the new crown or restoration right there in the office on the special CEREC computer. The computer tests the new tooth for fit with the teeth adjacent to the area and for proper bite.

Once the dentist is satisfied with the fit, the 3D model is sent to a milling machine where the crown or restoration is milled out of a solid piece of ceramic that matches the color of the surrounding teeth.

When completed, the dentist can bond the new material to the prepared tooth right in the same appointment. The process from start to finish only takes a couple of hours. You go home with your new crown or restoration the same day.

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