Let’s Face It—First Impressions are Very Important.

Dr. Yedigarian Teeth Whitening

Your smile plays a huge part in the impression you make. In fact, research into human behavior reveals that we judge the physical, mental and emotional reserves of a person based on our instinctual first impressions. A radiant smile automatically registers feelings of trust.

Once you have decided to whiten your teeth you are faced with the sometimes difficult decision of what method to use. With all the different products available on the market that claim to whiten your teeth it can be a bit confusing.

It is our opinion that you should not waste your money or time on the over the counter whitening products. The level of whitening agent in these products is so low that you need to use 4 to 6 times as many kits as you would with a professional whitening. The “strips” type of whitening are also less effective because they do not reach between the teeth.

Dentist administered whitening systems are easy to use and very effective. Giving you white teeth in as little as 3 or 4 days with take home trays or in one short in office visit with ZOOM! II whitening.

The big question on everyone’s mind when considering teeth whitening is “will the results be worth the time and cost?”

We have invested thousands of dollars and years of experience to make sure the answer is a resounding “YES!” We also have many success stories that back up our claims. We can show you examples of results we have achieved with real patients. Our top priority is to be certain that you are very happy with your results. While results vary from person to person, everyone can benefit from this procedure­—most with astounding results. The goal of bleaching is to give you the whitest possible teeth as quickly, easily, and inexpensively as possible.

Potential results will depend on your teeth – everyone’s teeth are different. If your teeth are heavily stained from coffee or smoking, you will probably see a big change. If your teeth are not heavily stained, the change will not be as great. Changes up to 12 shades lighter are possible. We measure teeth color by using a shade guide. This is essentially 9 – 12 tooth shaped colors of porcelain arranged from brightest to darkest. We will use this guide to measure the change that takes place. If your teeth are fairly white to begin with, they may achieve a whiter color than the whitest on the guide in one bleaching series but may not have changes as dramatic as someone with darker teeth.

If your teeth are moderately dark, they may require two sessions to get the teeth as white as you want them. Very dark teeth especially gray colors and tetracycline stains may require three to four sessions. Each time you bleach there will be a change, but after four sessions the degree of change starts to reduce dramatically.

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