Dr. Yedigarian, DDS | Testimonials

yediwaltertrojanI’ve been going to Dr. Yedigarian for 7+ years. He is very efficient, knowledgeable and easy to deal with. I haven’t considered going anywhere else, since my first visit to his office! Highly recommend.

Walter Trojan: Dr. Yedigarian is efficient!

sandrallDr. Yedigarian has been my dentist for the past three years, and I wish that I had made the transition from my previous dentist (of over 25 years) much earlier. One finds comfort in the fact that he uses state of the art technology in every aspect of his patient care. Aside from his vast personal knowledge, Dr. Yedigarian has repeatedly earned my trust from the high level of care given to me and my husband. His office staff is always pleasant and professional. The location is ideal with plenty of free parking. I have referred many people to Dr. Yedigarian and will continue to do so. If you are reading this review and are considering seeking a new dentist, Dr. Yedigarian should be at the top of your list. Dr. Yedigarian’s care enables me to truly look forward to each of my dental visits, and I always feel great at the end of each session.

Sandra Cashion:” I trust Dr. Yedigarian!”

anitachampMy family has been seeing Dr. Y for almost 20 years. Unlike other dentists, he does the work himself. He is amiable, up on the latest dental technology and can fix anything.

Anita Champ: Dr. Y is Dental Mr. Fix it

marnipenningMy husband has been coming to Dr. Yedigarian for 11 years, so when I moved to the area and needed a dentist, I started seeing him, too. I trust him implicitly, and I normally don’t look forward to going to the dentist at all. But Dr. Yedigarian is a pleasant, gentle man, and I don’t dread going to the dentist any more!

Marni Penning trusts Dr.Yedigarian

yedijeremyyoungI am going to sum this review up really quick for Dr. Yedigarian: If you are new to the area, GO HERE! If you are thinking about changing Dentists, THIS PLACE IS BETTER!

Jeremy Young says GO to Dr. Yedigarian

yeditigrantestimonialMy family and I have been seeing Dr. Yedigarian for more than 10 years. He is the best dentist anyone of us has ever come across. As a patient, one gets Dr. Yedigarians full attention and customized treatment and evaluation – he has always been there in person to address our needs. One gets thorough explanations of the different options and their pros and cons. His touch is light, his knowledge and experience are deep and extensive. I have whole-heartedly recommended Dr. Yedigarian to all my friends and acquaintances.

Tigran Markaryan: Yedigarian is best!

YEDIMARKHURKAMPI’m 55, and I’ve been seeing Dr. Yedigarian for over 30 years since he was recommended to me. My wife, child and two grown children are patients as well. Dr. Yedigarian is skilled and thorough. My family appreciates his caring nature and engaging personality. I appreciate the fact that he is a leader in dental technology and continually makes the investment in time and money to acquire and use the latest technology. He takes the time to explain every procedure and he tailors treatment to the needs of each patient. His office and his back office/billing practices are first rate. I recommend Dr. Yedigarian with no reservations – he is the best dentist out there and my mouth is proof!

Mark Hurkamp: 30 years with Yedigarian

yediannyaI haven’t been to a dentist I really liked in a long time! Dr. Yedigarian is just awesome! He took the time to show and explain everything. Sweet personality and exceptional service by all staff. I highly recommend going to him.

Anannya Hossain: Yes to Dr. Yedigarian!

Erin SeraydianI’ve been going to Dr. Yedigarian for I years and he’s the best! There is never a wait he’s very experienced and easy to talk to. For someone who has a cavity filling phobia, he is great with Novocain shots.

Erin Seraydian says Yedigarian is the best!

YedigarianGwenLewisDr. Yedigarian is by far the BEST. He is thorough in his evaluation and treatment and he is considerate of your time and your finances! I recommend him to everyone.

Gwen Lewis: Dr. Yedigarian is thorough!