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January 27, 2017

Dental implants in Tysons

Tysons dentist

Tysons dentist

If you have gaps left by missing teeth in your mouth, it is important that you have these missing teeth replaced. Many patients come to our dental practice, Dr. Yedigarian, in order to get dental implants. Our top-notch Tysons dentist, Dr. Rouben Yedigarian, can provide you with dental implants which look, feel, and function just like regular teeth.

If you have a space left by a missing tooth in your mouth, this can go on to cause additional dental problems. Teeth adjacent to the gap can try to move over to fill in the area, and cause additional dental problems. Your jawbone will also begin to atrophy due to the fact that there is now a missing tooth root. However, when you get dental implants from our Tysons dentist, both of these dental problems will be prevented. A dental implant is comprised of two different sections. There is the lower titanium dental implant root portion which is surgically inserted into the jawbone to serve as a base for a missing tooth. This surgery will occur after our dentist has assessed your individual situation and has determined that your jawbone is thick enough and healthy enough to withstand the dental implant procedure. Once this surgery occurs there will be a waiting period of several months during which time the jawbone will completely heal and the dental implant root will have had a chance to completely fuse to the jawbone. Once this has occurred, our dentist will permanently attach a porcelain crown to the dental implant root. At this point you will have your completed dental implant and you will be able to once again eat, speak, and smile in total confidence without worrying that the dental implant will shift or embarrass you in any way. Dental implants can last for a lifetime if well taken care of with a great at-home teeth cleaning regimen and regular dental cleanings at our office.

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