I have seen Dr. Yedigarian for over 20 years. It is easy to make appointments and they are always on time. He uses the latest technology, and explains what he is doing well. He and his staff are friendly and efficient at the same time.
— Edward Horkan
Dr. Yedigarian is by far the BEST. He is thorough in his evaluation and treatment and he is considerate of your time and your finances! I recommend him to everyone.
— Gwen Lewis
I’ve been going to Dr. Yedigarian for ~8 years and he’s the best! there is never a wait, he’s very experienced and easy to talk to. And for someone who has a cavity filling phobia he is great with Novocaine shots
— Erin Seraydian
Being a patient at Dr. Yedigarian’s practice is by far the best dental experience I have ever had. I used to have a lot of dental anxiety and would be afraid of procedures, however, after finding Dr. Yedigarian I feel so at ease. He explains everything clearly and cares about his patients so much. I trust him implicitly and know he will make the best possible choice regarding my care. He is constantly making sure that your dental health is at peak conditions. He is also incredibly knowledgeable and gives patients a variety of options, as well as, introduces the latest dental innovations. Additionally, I absolutely love the atmosphere of his office, and his receptionist is very sweet. This practice is stellar in every way.
— Liza Pinigina
I am going to sum this review up really quick: If you are new to the area, GO HERE! If you are thinking about changing Dentists, THIS PLACE IS BETTER.
— Jeremy Young
After over 20 years of neglect, I thought that restoring my teeth would be hopeless. But fortunately, my niece recommended Dr. Yedigarian, after she had successful work done by him. I went through 3 months of extensive dental work, and the transformation, both aesthetic and functional were remarkable. I no longer bite my cheeks and I can chew carrots again!
— Tania Sarkissian
My family and I have been going to Dr Yedigarian for years, and I can say that there is no dentist in the area that I would ever trust. He is very honest very professional and always helps us with any problem.
I would highly recommend him, the best dentist in DMV area.
— Fatima Ansari